Tea in a Coffee Shop
Tea in a Coffee Shop
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Welcome to Tea in a Coffee Shop, an art + travel blog. I'm Alyssa, a freelance writer, and I'll be your guide.

I started Tea in a Coffee Shop when I first quit my job to freelance, its name inspired by my dream-turned-reality of having the freedom to work from just about anywhere. I'm always on the hunt for new coffee shops to work from and will be sharing new + old favorites. 

You'll also find lots of other things here, including origin stories and a variety of words, pictures, people + places (read: caffeine for your soul). If you're thirsty, restless or curious, hopefully you'll feel right at home.

I also write regularly for other sites about gender, tech, money + more and I love creative nonfiction. Plus, I provide ghostwriting + editing services, among others. You can find that work in my portfolio.

Have tips, feedback or questions? Need a freelance writer? Want to say hi? 

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